Casper residents have long found themselves the victims of a local gang of notorious criminals that are known to terrorize the streets of our fair city.

The "Thomas Gobbles Gang" (more commonly known on Facebook by their less sinister name: Thomas Gobbles & Friends), have been know to attack vehicles of all models and sizes, with no regard for the consequences, even when it put its own members in danger. They quite literally have no fear.

They've also been known to stop traffic all over town, from Casper College to Downtown Casper to even as far out as Bar Nunn.

This is their territory and not only do they know it, but the majority of Casperites know it too.

Last Friday (December 2nd, 2022), the Gobbles Gang was out in full force displaying their sheer numbers after the recent snow. Obviously the feathered flock just wanted to remind the people that no matter the weather, they are definitely still in charge.

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Big props to Roy Edwards for capturing the footage and sharing it with us. Considering how close Roy and his friend were to the wild turkeys, things could have ended in much differently. The Gobbles Gang can and will get violent if they feel the need.

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