A couple of my friends hit me up on Facebook (and texts) and said they get a kick out of the way I sing/chant "Oooold Schoooool" before the Back in the Day Buffet. I honestly hadn't realized I was doing it until that point. Coming from a club/Hip-Hop disc jockey background, there are just some habits you pick up along the way, a lot of times from the greats that came before you.

That being said, I figured I had probably gotten it from like Doug E. Fresh or DJ Kool or anyone from that late 80's to early/mid 90's era (which I still may have). But over the weekend, I was watching one of my favorite animated movies with my daughter, Shark Tale, and heard Will Smith's character, Oscar, do it very similiar to the way I did. LOL!!!

Will Smith, Getty Images
Oscar - Shark Tale, YouTube.com

Considering Will's "Fresh Prince" rapping background, it's no surprise he probably got it from the same place as me. Regardless, in the back of my mind, I can't shake the feeling that his rendition may have somehow subconsciously inspired my own.