While it's been relatively easy to bash the men in blue, particularly as of late, DMX recently took the time to pay homage to some of New York's finest.

Last Friday night, DMX performed at the Yonkers PD vs. Fire Dept. "Toughman Competition" for the cops who saved his life back in February after he was found lifeless in a parking lot. Many gasped at the shocking possibility of losing X, when he was non-responsive and without a pulse. Initially, reports indicated that he suffered from an overdose, but in reality, he had a grueling asthma attack. Luckily for the The Darkman, he was saved and able to live another day.

"There's a few officers in here tonight that on February 8 saved my life," he exclaimed to the crowd.

To show his appreciation, he performed "Ruff Ryders Anthem" for the 2000 people at the charity event, while being able to help raise $80,000. Due to his electric performance, he helped bring a strong turnout and delivered a rousing speech to uplift everyone in the building. Take a look at the video above.

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