I was going on one of my favorite walks recently in Casper, from the Bart Rea Learning Circle on the banks of the North Platte River, past the Tate Pumphouse, around a couple running paths and up toward a bridge near Mills, and back. The last 50 yards or so, I take a back trail that veers a little off the path I started on and loops nicely back directly to the Bart Rea parking lot. The path follows pretty close to the main traffic road and behind some dense trees, away from the cement biking and running path I had started on.

I know, these directions make a ton of sense, right?

Either way, it'd only been a couple weeks at most since I'd walked or run that route. But without ceremony, this somewhat alarming sight greeted me at the end of my walk: a massive archway made of (very real) books.

Alexandria Trimble, Townsquare Media

While part of the Platte River Art for the Trails program, there isn't any other identifying attributes to the piece to understand where it came from or who made it.

I'm assuming the books are connected via a support beam of some kind, but there's no way to tell. There's also not a single sign or form of information anywhere nearby, so I have no idea what this archway is about, who made it, or where it came from - but it's awesome to look at.

Alexandria Trimble, Townsquare Media

My biggest concern though: what about the weather? These are just normal books and while Casper hasn't been experiencing any impressive rain lately, we still get smatterings here and there and it won't be long before something really hits.

I'm going to make a note to check this artsy-archway out after the next time we get a storm.

Alexandria Trimble, Townsquare Media

After walking and chatting with a friend and just generally relaxing at the end of my day, stumbling across this bizarre and impressive sight was a pretty great way to wrap up the walk. It's charming, fascinating, and I love the lack of extravagance it has beyond its own existence. This is art, which exists to make people feel and think and enjoy, and not to make a show out of anyone or anything in particular.

But I can't help my curiosity, so despite the anonymity I admittedly really enjoy - what the heck is this? Who made it? If you know, please drop us a note! (and then go have a look yourself)

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