A pumpkin is a pumpkin... right? Wrong.

In my humble, ignorant opinion pumpkins are pumpkins. If I owned a pumpkin patch and my crops were stolen, I don't think I would be able to identify them as mine if they were ever recovered. Nor would I cross my fingers hoping to have the chance.

And here I stand corrected.

Recently St. Louis had a bad bout with the "great pumpkin caper." Many people's pumpkins that were for sale at various pumpkin patches were going missing. After surveillance footage gave the cops a lead on the type of car the thieves were using, they were able to track down the caper. According to authorities, it was a couple of teenage boys on a pumpkin rampage.

Police found these kids in a Subaru Forester with 48 pumpkins stuffed in the back... and one gourd.

Now that the pumpkins were found unharmed, authorities set out to get the 48 a pumpkins and one gourd back to their owners. They turned to Facebook and posted a lineup of the pumpkins. The gourd was photographed too.

Surprisingly people showed up to claim their pumpkins. In fact, STL Today reports that only 13 pumpkins were left unclaimed. Oh, and the gourd too. (The gourd was the only one I could have separated from the crowd). Police left it to the people and the honor system to figure it all out.

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