You only live once, so you have to make bank as fast as you can. Such is 'The Motto' of Drake, who's threatening Walgreen's and Macy's for using the "YOLO" tagline on merchandise.

Drizzy spent his Christmas Eve taking photos in the drug and department stores. Walgreen's had a few caps labeled "YOLO" for $6 each, which didn't sit well with the Jewish MC, who wrote, " gotta either chill or cut the cheque." He followed with another photo of a Peanuts T-shirt from Macy's that read, "Yolo is my motto." Drake captioned the shot, "Macy's...same goes for you."

Unfortunately for Canadian-born Drake, in addition to not being familiar with the U.S. spelling of "check," he's also a bit confused about the country's trademark laws. MTV reports that there are already over 100 trademark applications for the infamous acronym already.

Considering that most of Drake's lyrics that aren't about getting in touch with his sensitive side are about how much money he makes, we're surprised that he's being so frugal with it. He may want to focus on paying his lawyers for the work they're already doing before he gives them new projects.


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