Music industry friends can turn into music industry enemies real quickly nowadays. If you don't believe me, look at former BFFs, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry and their feud which seems to have no end in sight. Well it seems Meek Mill (Rick Ross protege and current Nicki Minaj boyfriend) airing out that Drake has used a ghostwriter has started the song wars. A few days after a plethora of vicious tweets from Meek, Drake has broken his silence with a calm, comeback track called 'Charged Up'.

October's Very Own managed to use his super star status to crush Meek by bringing up album sales, how he attempted to "help out a friend with a feature that he doesn't need the money for" and ultimately the rumors he had sexually relations with Nicki.

Funny how all this happen a few after Meek released his second full album. Which begs to ask the question, is this a real beef or is Meek just trying to bring more attention to his new album, which actually has a Drake feature on it?

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