By now you've probably heard Drake's latest hit song "In My Feelings". The track has also sparked a new viral video craze, dubbed the Kiki (or Keke) Challenge or the In My Feelings Challenge.

Much like most pop culture, it eventually makes it way to Casper. Black Sunday Tattoo posted a video of Billy Barker doing the challenge on Saturday. It's already amassed over 8400 views, which for our little slice of heaven equals going viral. Way to smash it Billy!

Local singer Chamise Jackson-Covington recently dropped a video of her doing the challenge as well. She gets props for safety by staying out of the street.

Big ups to Stephen Jensen for having one of the most original versions of the challenge we've seen period. He took it to the next level going all Happy Gilmore style. That's what we call #SWAG!

Although the challenge is cute and making waves literally all over the world, it has also brought quite a few tickets and injuries. A vast majority of the videos feature participants jumping out of moving vehicles and even occasionally into oncoming traffic. Translation: be careful out there folks.

Other than that, have fun! Send us your #InMyFeelings videos!

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