Drake once again proved that he has no problem poking a few jabs at himself, as the rapper returned to Saturday Night Live as both the show's host and musical guest. His appearance last night was his first since serving double duty as host and musical guest in 2014.

Drizzy opened the show with a monologue musical number where he makes fun of the onslaught of Drake memes circling the Internet. "I just want to scream, that I'm more than just a meme," he sings while flipping through some of the more popular gags that have made their rounds on social media. But right before he closes his monologue, he dons a wig and hilariously does his best Rihanna impression for his own song.

The rapper went on to make fun of his Canadian roots in a recurring SNL skit, "Black Jeopardy," where he plays Jared - an African-Canadian from Toronto who can't seem to connect with the fake game show's lyrics. Another notable sketch was "Drake's Beef," a parody of his own feuds and dis songs. In the SNL short, Drake is seen having minor squabbles with the SNL cast and crew, and writing harsh raps over trivial things, such as the water lady throwing away his bottle before finishing it, and Aidy Bryant moving his hat from his chair.

(We get it, Drake. We really do.)

He then lit up Studio 8H with performances of "One Dance" and "Hype" from Views. Drake got a surprise welcome from SNL alum Chris Rock, who introduced the singer before his performance of "One Dance."

Click on the embedded video below from Hulu to watch Drake's Saturday Night Live episode.

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