While we've been advising the Casper townsfolk to prepare themselves for the upcoming eclipse weekend, it seems that the paranoia may have started a tad prematurely.

While doing some routine grocery shopping last night (August 15th, 2017), my children and I decided to grab some skim milk. Imagine our surprise when we noticed not a single gallon container was left!

Of course, there was still gallons of chocolate  and soy milk, but everything from vitamin D to 2% to skim were gone! Luckily there were still some half gallons, but every knows it's not the same value (by volume).

To add to our surprise, our friendly neighborhood Wally World cashier informed us that next door at Sam's Club, they were completely out of milk.

Considering the shelf life of most milk (especially the higher percentages like whole milk), you have to wonder if Casperites took this preparation stuff too seriously. On second thought, maybe I just waited too long to stock up myself.


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