When Tanishq Abraham was around two-years-old, his parents noticed there was something different about him. He was already counting, and seemed to be able to grasp concepts way beyond his years. By age four Tanishq was accepted into the high IQ society MENSA.

Elementary school proved to be boring for the boy genius, so his mother began homeschooling him. At seven, he also started taking college courses and, according to his professors, quickly became the star of the class. Learn more about the youngster who one day “wants to design a rocket that can go faster than the speed of light.”

While Tanishq has no problem with college coursework, being an eight-year-old among students more than twice his age is challenging socially. So far Tanishq — who answers “learning” when asked what he does for fun — has adjusted about as well as one could expect.

However, his parents do worry about him, since child prodigies often develop emotional problems when they get older.

We’re certainly pulling for Tanishq. Somebody has to break that pesky speed of light barrier.