The Casper Saturday Cruise has been going on strong since April, but vehicles will now have to find a location to meet for each event.

The cruise, which has been starting on the west of town, has seen hundreds of vehicles, from exotic sports, hot rods and custom classics.

With everything going on with social distancing, cars and trucks were able to park and gather before the cruise began each Saturday in local area businesses that have been closed to due to the pandemic. Now that some of the restrictions have been lifted as of today (Friday, May 15th, 2020) by Woming's Governor Gordon, one of those businesses will reopen, which will cause the shuffling of the meeting spot. El Mark-O Lanes is one of those businesses.

El Mark-O's owner, Matt Galloway, stated in the private Facebook group, Casper Saturday Cruise on Thursday (May 14th, 2020):

El Mark-O & Galloway's Pub truly enjoyed hosting Saturday Night Cruise but we are now open for business, so we will not be allowing the gatherings in the lot so we can better serve our customers. Thanks for the INCREDIBLE RIDE! Cheers to all & would love to be involved with any car any of our establishments.

I reached out to Galloway about the weekly cruises and he had nothing but nice things to say about the event. He went on to say:

Hosting these cruise events has been my pleasure.

In addition to the weekly cruises, the Facebook group has listed multiple special upcoming events, which include a Senior Cruise for the graduating class of 2020 and birthday party for a local youth. The group has over 3400 members and drivers from around the state and surrounding areas travel to Casper each weekend.

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