Many will see this video as a sign that enemies can become friends, but I can't help but wonder what would have happened if a glass door had not been between a dog and a bear.

The owner who shared the video said that her dog had alerted her to a visitor at their back door. This visitor had big shiny teeth and some pretty big claws.

The lady said this about the encounter between her dog and a bear:

My dog alerted me to the sliding glass doors and there was the bear. After recording, I realized I had just the screen door open to the front of the house, and ran quickly to shut the front door!

It's a fact that bears and dogs are natural enemies. This dog and bear moment could have turned quickly.

Some that aren't familiar with bear mannerisms will look at this and think that you should just open that back door and pet the sweet bear because he isn't gonna hurt anyone. Those people need to understand how lightning fast a bear can go from gentle and disinterested to GRRR.

Bears are fascinating creatures, but you can never underestimate the danger of getting too close. If a bear is motivated enough, they can come through virtually any door. This family was fortunate the bear was just curious and not ferocious.

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