I love crafts and it seems fall is the perfect time for it! From pine cone wreaths...(video soon) to scarecrows and fall leave decorations galore.

This is one of my favorite simple easy pumpkin crafts that I just love. A solid decoration from mid September to December.

Grabbing small or medium size pumpkins real or fake actually work. I prefer the real ones that are smaller you can find normally here soon at any grocery store or a crafting place has them earlier it seems.

Things you need:

garbage bag



spray paint

acrylic paint 


(any other artsy things that may look good on a pumpkin)

various small pumpkins

It's pretty simple you just take your pumpkins and decide what color or style you want for each. Id did some all glitter some spray painted and some done with ribbon and acrylic paint.

Remember to use that garbage bag to cover and protect anything you doing crafts on.




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