We've seen some pretty amazing knock-outs and bone snapping submissions over the many years here in Wyoming, and now we want to know...in YOUR opinion, who is your favorite MMA fighter in the state?

Sure, we could pull out the stats of each local fighters victories (and defeats), but graph charts and title belts don't necessarily equate to one fighter becoming a fan favorite! There is likely someone in the state that you would pay a ticket to see put the smackdown on their opponent, win or lose. Someone that OWNS the ring with their charisma and impressive moves. Or, ladies, there is surely someone who is just so drop dead sexy that it just doesn't matter if they win or lose. The same could go for a fan FEMALE FIGHTER favorite.

We leave it up you to choose your favorite Wyoming MMA fighter in the poll below. There is simply no right or wrong answer, just give us the first and last name of someone you are rooting for that deserves the honor of being titled the 'Wyoming's fan favorite'.

We will unveil the ones you all voted for the most in a poll on Thursday, May 30th.[gravityform id=47 name=BestWyoming State MMA Fighter? ]