The Far East Movement enlist Barbadan pop group Cover Drive for their new song and video ‘Turn Up the Love,’ a rare love song from the hip-hop group known for its high-energy dance tracks.

The video is based on the simple concept of a summer street party, with grilling, cars and boomboxes. The dance group joins up with Cover Drive singer Amanda Reifer, whose voice and presence recalls another Barbados star, Rihanna. Reifer sings the hook, “We are one tonight / And we’re breathing in the same air / So turn up the love, turn up the love / We’re turnin’ up the love.”

When night falls, a larger group of people gathers together to sing in unison and party the night away. As the whooshing synths play out the song, the crowd engages in a little bit of hip-hop line dancing.

‘Turn Up the Love’ is the follow-up to the Far East Movement’s single ‘Live My Life’ with Justin Bieber. The song appears on the group’s latest album, ‘Dirty Bass.’ Cover Drive have opened for Rihanna and scored three big hits in the U.K. from their debut ‘Bajan Style.’

Watch the Far East Movement ‘Turn Up the Love’ Video Feat. Cover Drive