Other than a few flurries or light snow in the state’s mountains and in the northeast, the weather will be fairly quiet across the state today.  It will be breezy in central and southeast Wyoming.

Speaking of the wind, it will increase again on Saturday.  A High Wind Watch has been posted for portions of central and southeastern Wyoming for Saturday.   Southwest winds at 30 to 40 mph are expected, with gusts to 65 mph.  Casper is included in the high wind watch.  These winds, however, will make for a warmer start to the weekend.  Casper will see highs in the 40s.  Saturday will be dry across much of the state with the exception of the northwest where snow will start to fall once again.

A cold front crosses the state Saturday night into  Sunday making for cooler weather for the second half of the weekend.  The northern third of the state looks to be in the best position for light show showers.  There could, however, be a few light snow showers further south as well.  Casper and Casper Mountain may see a little snow on Sunday, but at this time accumulations are expected to be light.  On Sunday, daytime highs in Casper may not get out of the 20s.