Karen Snyder, K2 Radio

Great work done during initial attack on the Sheep Herder Hill Fire means  crews are now able to move forward with containment, which, as of Wednesday, was at about 50 percent.

Larry Floyd, one of the operation chiefs on the fire, addressed a community meeting Wednesday saying the last 24 hours were focused on the west side, because that’s where most of the houses are.

“We’re going very slow and very thoroughly through there and getting that line as best we can as we secure the structures that are threatened.”

He says most of the 50 percent containment is on the east and southeast edges.

As for the Elk Horn Drainage fire he says that small but dangerous fire is completely contained.

“Tomorrow we’ll be working on the control and the end result for that one will be we’re gonna put that one out.”

Going forward, he says, the north side of the fire, Division A, has a lot of timber and so  it will be slow and, he says, it will be the most work.

As of Wednesday the cost of fighting the fire hovers around 1.3 million dollars.

A second public meeting will be held at 5 pm Friday at City Hall.