It looks like Jay-Z will have 99 problems with the 99 percenters. After the rap mogul told the New York Times’ T Style magazine that he didn’t understand the motives behind Occupy Wall Street, the movement’s “Guitarmy” plans to educate Jay with a “teach-in” at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

In the article, Jay-Z questioned the tactics of OWS and believes that condemning the wealthy is un-American. “I’m not going to a park and picnic, I have no idea what to do, I don’t know what the fight is about. What do we want, do you know?”” he asked the newspaper. “I think all those things need to really declare themselves a bit more clearly. Because when you just say that ‘The 1 percent is that,’ that’s not true.”

“Yeah, the 1 percent that’s robbing people, and deceiving people, these fixed mortgages and all these things, and then taking their home away from them, that’s criminal, that’s bad,” he continues. “Not being an entrepreneur. This is free enterprise. This is what America is built on.”

In responses, the Occupy Guitarmy posted a message on their Tumblr page announcing their plans to offer “a sincere answer to Jay’s questions” with a teach-in on Sept. 28. The group will stage a civil protest on the first day of Jay-Z’s sold-out residency at the Barclays Center to “show Jay-Z what we want and how he can help: by encouraging his fans to take action for social justice in their communities, schools, workplaces, and homes.”

They ended their message with “In turn we will ask [one question] of him. . . Which Side Are You On?”

OWS supporter Russell Simmons also chimed in to help educate Jay on the movement. In an open letter on his website Global Grind, he urged Hova to get behind the OWS cause.

“So, Jay, here’s the deal. You’re rich and I’m rich. But, today it’s close to impossible to be you or me and get out of Marcy Projects or Hollis, Queens without changing our government to have our politicians work for the people who elect them and not the special interests and corporations that pay them,” he wrote. “If we have to occupy Wall Street or occupy All Streets to change the course of direction of this nation, then we must.”

Jay-Z has yet to respond to OWS and Simmons’ request to support the movement.

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