Okay, okay I know cheesy title for a blog, but let's be honest.  When it's cold outside, going out and doing something doesn't sound fun (unless you're into that sorta thing, like skiing or snowboarding).  Me however, I'm a warm weather kinda girl, and when I pull out my phone and see it was 17 degrees today, I'm staying in and watching movies!

Here's my five favorite cold weather movies:

1) Up.

This has the sweetest story line ever, Carl loved Ellie so much!!


This is a newer movie, but it has the sweetest story.  If you've ever had a pet you love this movie is perfect!

3) The Blind Side

This is the most touching movie, it's a true story about Michael Oher (He currently plays for the Ravens) and his family.  It reminds you that there are truly amazing people in this world.

4)Toy Story 3

This movie will give you all of the feels, and at the end your childhood dies.  But no really, if you can watch this movie without shedding a tear at the end you have no emotions.

5) Fight Club

Other than the fact that I just broke the first rule of Fight Club, this one was added so at the end of the day you don't feel quite as bad about watching emotional movies all day.

What are your favorite movies to watch when the weather is cold?!