Avril Lavigne was performing her power balled 'I'm With You' in China when she stopped, emitted a little shriek and then ran off the stage. What happened?

Well, we're not exactly sure, since this video was filmed at a bit of a distance from the stage. Here's what we can piece together from the clip.

Everything seemed to be going fine for the Canadian singer, with the crowd singing along robustly and loudly, enjoying the song with their heroine.

At about the 3:40 mark, Mrs. Chad Kroeger can be seen thrusting her mic out, capturing her fans and their harmonizing. Then, at the 3:55 mark she screams and runs, bolting from the stage.

We don't know what happened. Perhaps a fan breached security and made it on the stage, which is always terrifying for a performer. Was there some wardrobe malfunction, like a big ol' rip in her pants? Who knows.

We just hope everything is OK!

Watch Avril Lavigne Scream + Run Off Stage

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