The overnight sensation in apps is a game called "Flappy Bird"  yesterday the creator of Flappy Bird tweeted that he would be taking the game down, I checked today and he held true to his word! What is going on?!

Flappy Bird is a game that has really taken off within the last month, my Facebook feed is filled with people talking about their high scores on Flappy Bird.  I just recently downloaded the game and I'll be honest it is the most simple concept ever for a game, but it is very hard to play.  You are this bird and you have to keep him flying while also dodging tunnels, it's really hard to play, my high score is 9! haha! while it is hard to play though it is so addicting, all of my friends are hooked, I'm hooked, and then the creator of the game takes it away from us!

Yesterday the creator of Flappy Bird tweeted that he would take down the game.  There was some speculation that he was taking it down because of legal reasons, but the creator of the game went on to tweet that legal reasons were not the case for him taking down the game.  There still has not been a clear answer, but today when I went into the Google Play store on my phone to look the app isn't there anymore.  It's still on my phone and as of right now I can play it, but you can no longer download it.  If you haven't been able to experience the joys of Flappy Bird, I'm sorry.  However you don't realize the amount of frustration you've saved yourself by not downloading this game.

Here's a screen shot I took of the tweets the creator of Flappy Bird tweeted.  I'm still just not sure what to think.