There is a consensus developing that if NFL commissioner Roger Goodell doesn’t bring back the striking referees soon, folks are going to stop watching football because the replacement refs have been so stunningly horrible. However, we’re pretty sure this isn’t true. In fact, the awfulness of the scab refs has now become part what makes the NFL so entertaining. (Granted, Green Bay fans or anybody who bet on the Packers Monday night would probably disagree.)

You don’t even have to be much of a sports fan to appreciate the replacement ref memes which have been flooding the internet. And now the parody videos are starting, including this effort from YouTube comedians NOC which uses the Flo Rida song ‘Whistle’ to lampoon the scab refs’ now legendary incompetence.

The premise of the parody is that all you need is a whistle to be a replacement ref. It’s funny because it’s true!

Fine, maybe settling the strike and getting the real refs back would be good for the “integrity of the game” and all that. But it would be a real loss for comedy.

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