Today the case against Krishelle Layton, the mother of the boy known as Ninja Dorian, proceeded and will go to trial.

And against the backdrop of these accusations, K2 Radio News spoke exclusively with Layton’s former boyfriend in Texas, a man she accuses of being the father of her 2–year-old daughter Vivian.

It’s a charge Donald Beam welcomes.

In fact, he has said if the paternity and child support hearing he has been ordered to in San Antonio proves he is the father, he will seek custody.

Beam and Layton were in a relationship in Texas 2 years ago, and he is not surprised that she is accused of using her son’s medical condition for personal gain.

He told K2 Radio he felt she had no compunctions about using the sympathy garnered by Dorian’s condition to her benefit.

And it is Dorian Layton that Beam feels has been exploited in this case.

He told us he felt the child simply enjoyed the attention he was getting.

Beam will undergo a DNA test in Texas, and if he is Vivian’s father, he says he will pursue custody.

Her children are currently being cared for by her sister.

Beam’s child support hearing is June 26th in San Antonio.