'Thinkin' About You' must not have been about the boys in blue. Frank Ocean got pulled over on New Year's Eve and ended 2012 on a pretty crummy note -- losing his driver's license and getting busted for pot in one fell swoop.

TMZ reports that Ocean was driving 90 MPH in a 65 in Mono County, Calif. -- which is super dangerous, especially when there are so many potential drunk drivers on the road on New Year's Eve. Cops said that when they approached Ocean's black BMW, they smelled marijuana emanating from the car. You can guess what happened next.

Ocean was searched by police, and guess what they found? Yup, a small bag of pot. What's more, Ocean's car had tinted windows -- and he was driving on a suspended license. He was cited for all three offenses but released. Still, his passenger had to take the wheel.

This isn't Ocean's only legal drama as of late. The 'channel ORANGE' singer's own dad is threatening to sue him for $1 million, but it's still unclear what the basis -- if there is one -- of the lawsuit is.

Here's hoping Ocean gets his legal and driving situations straightened out. Maybe he can take a cue from Chris Brown and get a prescription next time ... and drive the speed limit if and when he's carrying contraband!

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