The season premiere of ‘Saturday Night Live’ kicked off with a bang, featuring musical guests Frank Ocean and John Mayer. The chemistry between the performers is palpable and a lot of fun to watch, and they brought an intensity to the otherwise lighthearted show — but still didn’t take themselves too seriously.

In ‘Thinking About You,’ the stage was set to match the soft, understated tone of the track. Ocean sat on a stool with his eyes closed for the duration of the song, and even the usually spotlight-courting Mayer remained in shadows. It’s unclear whether Ocean performed like this out of nervousness (because it is live TV, which is scary to do — ask Lana Del Rey!) or just out of pure feeling.

Ocean was clearly more comfortable performing ‘Pyramids.’ He stood up, he danced a little bit and he even smiled! Mayer clearly is a fan of the song as well, based on his visible enjoyment and grooving to the track behind his guitar. You can even catch the maybe-boyfriend of Katy Perry grinning.

‘Pyramids’ is also where Mayer got to personally shine. In an extended guitar solo, Mayer looks intense and focused to close out the performance … as Ocean leaves his mic to go play arcade games behind him onstage. Hey, all work and no play makes Frank a dull boy!

Watch Frank Ocean and John Mayer Perform ‘Pyramids’