Note to all you guys out there who think it’s a good idea to have sex in your car with a woman you don’t know … while you are driving. Don’t. Just … don’t! Here’s why … 

Police arrested a Florida woman recently for allegedly pulling a gun on a man she was having sex with in a car, while he was driving the car.

How did the driver get out of this tight spot? According to the report, he claims to have punched the woman he was shagging in the face after she pulled the piece and demanded he give her money. Judging by her mug shot, it looks like he gave her a pretty bad shiner.

So what happens when a woman is arrested in Florida for trying to rob a driving motorist with a weapon while she’s having sex with said motorist in public? A free ride to the governor’s house, of course!

OK, maybe not. She’s stuck behind bars without bond, and all is right with the world again! Sorry, governor.