"This wild, wild love of ours, it can't be tamed," G.R.L. sing on the chorus of Pitbull's latest single, 'Wild Wild Love.' And based on their sizzling hot music video -- partially filmed at the Playboy Mansion -- we can see why!

The ladies of G.R.L. -- Lauren Bennett, Paula van Oppen, Natasha Slayton, Simone Battle and Emmalyn Estrada -- all smolder provocatively in the sexy vid as they seductively attempt to make what Pitbull refers to as "business deals" with the Miami-based rapper. Not only do the girls look stunning (being set against a gorgeous backdrop can only help), the summery tune is upbeat, catchy and their harmonies sound great -- making 'Wild Wild Love' the perfect song for spring! G.R.L. recently opened up about the filming of the video in an exclusive interview with PopCrush.

"Oh, my god. When we filmed there, it was actually pouring rain when we arrived and it was my first time going to the Playboy Mansion," Estrada tells PopCrush. "It was so much. It’s so exciting to see because the Playboy Mansion is like a piece of history and we get to film in there. Seeing [Hugh Hefner], his artwork and his things in his house, it was really fun to be there, let alone shoot a music video."

Watch the video above, and make sure to keep it here on PopCrush for the rest of our exclusive interview with G.R.L., coming this week!

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