In a pre-emptive strike, Game leaked his entire new album 'Jesus Piece' on Los Angeles radio station Power 106 yesterday (Dec. 5). One of the songs that caught on with the blogs is the spiritual title track featuring Kanye West and Common.

Produced by Boi-1da and the Maven Boys, the song is built around a haunting choir, a downing piano groove and a thumping backbeat. Disappointingly, Kanye is regulated to hook duties -- it would have been nice to hear him spit a few self-reflecting verses.

Instead, Game takes us down memory lane of when he first heard about the untimely deaths of Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac Shakur. "Made a nigga feel ashamed of the city where he live," he reflects. "Make a nigga hate the logo on the Dodger cap / Thinking back to that beamer / Wish my n---a Pac was strapped."

Elsewhere Game sings the praises of the Almighty for his wealth and health. "God says everything happens for a reason / I seen four seasons at The Four Seasons / Take that chinchilla off, poor kids is freezin' / Cookin' up in the same pot they ain't got to pee in," he raps.

Common follows with a subdued verse about walking in the path of righteousness. "I'm the sun shining with God features / Draw closer to a true blood bleeder, soul of a southern preacher / Went from dinner with bottom feeders to world leaders / We throw the peace up, knowing the world need us," he rhymes.

Game's 'Jesus Piece' album is shaping up to be a holy affair. The collection, which arrives in stores on Dec. 11, is heavy with guest features including Kendrick Lamar, Big Sean, Rick Ross, Wiz Khalifa and Lil Wayne. God bless.

Listen to Game, 'Jesus Piece' Feat. Kanye West and Common

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