On a hiking trip with his children Kingston (age 6) and Zuma (4), Gavin Rossdale, aka Mr. Gwen Stefani, was photographed with his hand on the very attractive nanny's very attractive backside.

Of course he could've just been steadying her in that one second when the pic was snapped, but that does not good tabloid fodder make.

The photo, which can be seen on Hollywood Life, comes along with the information that Gwen and Gavin's 10-year marriage may or may not be on the rocks, citing Gwen's booming career as a fashion icon and frontwoman for the band No Doubt.

Yet even with that busy schedule, she allegedly still has time to obsess about how her rock star husband spends his idle moments.

“Gwen thinks she always has to keep an eye out to keep him in line,” a source said. “They often fight if he spends too many late nights out with his friends.”

If something untoward is going on with the nanny, Rossdale would join the pantheon of celebrities who've ruined their relationships with gorgeous women by fooling around with the babysitter. (Jude Law and Ethan Hawke, we're looking at you.)

And this, ladies, is why you hire half-blind old women missing most of their teeth. Or, you know, marry a guy who can be trusted not to make illegitimate love children with the help.