We shared the bucket list for Dorian Layton, a 5 year old boy with terminal brain cancer. Assuming we could help mark some of these items off over the next few months, we were overwhelmed by the amount support the Casper community has given.

The Casper Man Cave, the City of Casper, the Casper Events Center, and everyone in town has stepped up to make this little guy's short life one of the most filling anybody could ask for.

Casper, you make me proud to be a Casperite.

Below is the updated list.




1. Ride in a speedboat - In the works

2. Be in a parade

3. Learn to Ninja fight  -

Ninja Dorian - Ian Delap
Ninja Dorian - Ian Delap

Jan 25, Dorian met Dawn for his 1st ever karate lesson @ The Casper Rec Center!

Feb 1, Ninja Warrior Day in Douglas: Dorian has invited all Make A Wish kids and children with life-threatening illnesses from the Douglas area to join him and Police Chief Ron Casalinda in a day of fun!





4. Learn to Ninja climb -

Jan 25, Dorian met Dawn for his 1st ever karate lesson @ The Casper Rec Center!

5. Get a skateboard and go skateboarding

Dorian has now received a skateboard & safety gear for skateboarding. We have arranged for Dorian & his brother Julien to get lessons from Casper's Nick Johnson at his home for now & at the skate park when the weather warms up. Nick will also be helping plan a skateboarding competition to benefit brain injuries - dates & details coming.

6. Go snowboarding -

Jim & Alina Young & family gave the boys all of the attire they will need for snowboarding, save goggles, are trying to get a snowboarding date set.

7. Get guitar lessons  -




New Guitar - Ian Delap
New Guitar - Ian Delap

Vibes Fine & Performing Arts (4070 Plaza Drive) has donated guitar lessons every Thursday night. Since no little axe-slayer is should have to borrow a guitar, the good folks at Gig-Worx (Eastridge Mall) decided to set Dorian up with his very own, and John Ramirez at Wyoming Signs threw in some custom work...






8. Meet the Chief of Police -

Chief Dorian - K2Radio.com
Chief Dorian - K2Radio.com

Jan 21, Dorian was the Chief of Police of Casper, learning the ropes from Chief Walsh!





9. Build a snowman

10. Go to the monster truck show with uncle Kenneth and Uncle Bubby and ride in a monster truck -

On the 7th of Feb. at the Events Center, Dorian and his family will have VIP access to the monster trucks. They are going to have a bunch of surprises for him including but not limited to getting in the monster trucks...AND, on Feb 8, thanks to Anna at the Events Center,  Dorian will have a "guys night out" with members of his family as VIPs at The No Limits Monster Truck Tour at The Casper Events Center!

11. Ride on a motorcycle

12.Go for a ride in a police car  -

Jan 21, Dorian was the Chief of Police of Casper, learning the ropes from Chief Walsh!

13. Learn to be a chef -

Feb 16th, Parkway Plaza & Wonder Bar Executive Chefs Jim & Tony will give Dorian a private culinary lesson...hand-tossed pizza!

14. Go to a race car race -

Lisa Herr at the Casper Speedway has set up a car for Dorian to ride in the first race of the season.

Also, the folks at the Douglas Motorsports track will be honoring Dorian on the 8th and 9th of June.

15. Milk a cow

16. Go camping with a bonfire

17. Go fishing

18. Go to Jackson Hole and see the biggest mountains in Wyoming -

There is a Facebook page that is setting this up. Visit the page here

19. Go to Yellowstone National Park

20. Go on a sleigh ride at the elk refuge - In the Works

21. Ride the ski lift in Teton Village

22. Eat a real icicle

23. See a waterfall up close

24. Make a real book

25. Learn to play the drums  -

Joe And Dorian - Ian Delap
Joe And Dorian - Ian Delap

Joe Eason every Sunday Night.









26. Go to a real castle -

Make-A-Wish has a found a couple of real castles in Colorado, and Dorian will be visiting one of them in March.

27. Get a wooden ninja sword -

Jan 25, Dorian met Dawn for his 1st ever karate lesson @ The Casper Rec Center - and he g0t his very own sword, throwing stars, and outfit!

28. A) Be in 4-H with an animal -

This is in the works, but Dorian now has a new Guinea Pig named Casper The Ghost, which means..

28. B) Dorian Needs a complete set-up for a guinea pig

29. Ride a 4 wheeler

30. Go shooting with Uncle Kevin

31. Make a snow fort

32. Ride in an airplane -


33. Go tornado chasing and see a tornado

34. Meet a real superhero

35. Have a real birthday party with a big cake and lots of other kids there.

Blake Alvarez and the Black And Gold Grille has set up a birthday party for Dorian on Feb. 15th from 1-4p. There will be live music, activities, food, and more. More details can be found on Dorian's Facebook page

36. Live in a house with my own bedroom instead of this camp trailer

37. Get a husky dog and name it Casper the Ghost. I will take very good care of it

He now has a guinea pig named Casper The Ghost, and seems extremely content

38. Raise $5,000 for Make-A-Wish with Santa Letters. I have raised $1,490.00 so far. So please fill out a Macy's Santa Letter next Christmas time

39. Have a Smashing Walnuts Event @ the cancer center in Casper

Feb 21, Rocky Mountain Oncology will host the 1st Smashing Walnuts with Ninja Dorian event open to all who have been or are currently affected by cancer either directly or indirectly. A free all-ages event geared toward promoting childhood & brain cancer awareness, education, and support.

40. Make tissue paper flowers for all cancer kids and the kind people who help us kids

41. March on Washington for cancer kids like me

42. Meet Gabriella Miller's family in person and give them a big hug.


While his bucket list is pretty slick, these folks decided to add to it!

Jan 20, Dorian was the guest of honor at Fire Station 7 at 1pm!

Blake Alvarez and the Black & Gold Grille will be hosting a "Ninja Dorian's Future Of Rock Show & Party"  in the near future. Contact Blake at 559-978-6885 for details.

There will be a "Ninja Dorian Poker Run and Fun Run" scheduled for Saturday June 21st., that will end in a BBQ at Natural Bridge. The event organizer, Travis O'Brien, can be reached at 307-253-8827 if you would like to join the run or volunteer services.

In early March, the good folks at the F.E. Warren Air Force Base in Cheyenne will make Dorian an official Airman!

Nick Johnson is setting up a Skateboard Competition/Fundraiser. Details coming soon...


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