For the third straight week, Glass Onion was the biggest film on Netflix despite receiving very stuff competition from another star-studded murder mystery new to the service.

That was The Pale Blue Eye, a new thriller from Crazy Heart director Scott Cooper that stars Christian Bale as a detective working a case at West Point in the 1830s, where he’s joined in his investigation by a young cadet named Edgar Allan Poe (played by Harry Melling). The two films were almost neck-and-neck on the weekly most-watched movies chart. Netflix users watched 44.3 million hours of Glass Onion, while they watched 42.9 million hours of The Pale Blue Eye. That’s more than the other eight movies on the weekly most-watched list put together.

Here is the updated list of the most popular Netflix movies ever now that Glass Onion has slid into the fifth-place slot all time:

The Most Popular Films on Netflix

These are the ten most popular films (in English), based on hours viewed in their first 28 days on Netflix. (The numbers come from Netflix’s official site.)

The most-watched content of any kind on Netflix last week wasn’t Glass Onion or The Pale Blue Eye; it was the debut of the second season of the dramedy Ginny & Georgia, which had 180 million hours watched last week. Also popular was Kaleidoscope, the new limited series about a heist where the episodes can be watched in any order; it had 112.2 million hours watched. Those two shows finally knocked Wednesday off the top of the most-watched TV list. Wednesday is still the second-most-watched show ever on Netflix, with a second season now officially on the way.

The big takeaway, I guess: Netflix users love their murder mysteries. Give them a dead body, a couple famous actors, and a bunch of potential suspects, and they’re happy.

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