The Wanted have been on a hot streak lately, conquering South America with Justin Bieber and setting hearts aflutter during their recent American media tour. And they aren’t finished yet — in fact, they’ll get a boost from ‘Glee‘ this season.

The Fox hit, whose musical numbers have boosted sales for everyone from Madonna to Journey, will cover the Wanted’s U.K. hit ‘Glad You Came’ sometime this year. No further information has been given since the band broke the news via Twitter, but it seems safe to assume the episode will air after ‘Glee’ returns from its two-month hiatus in April.

Attracting all this Stateside attention is intoxicating for the band, according to band member Max George. “The American fans are so optimistic, very intense,” he told MTV during a recent interview. “They’re just really enthusiastic. I get a massive buzz off American people. I think it’s really refreshing.”

According to Wanted singer Jay McGuiness, the group is taking pains to make sure its boy band roots don’t keep them from achieving long-term success. “Every time we do a live gig and people are singing it back it makes everything electric,” explained McGuinness. “And I think nowadays boy bands can be part of that, where the music is as key as people find them attractive and we know that boy bands often had shelf lives because the image came before the music. And we’re trying to be the other way around. So far it’s working because we like singing and people like listening to us.”

Watch the Wanted ‘Glad You Came’ Video