This past Halloween a story went viral on the internet, it was the story of a lady who said that instead of handing out candy to overweight kids she was going to hand out letters talking about how they are obese. She was clearly the most hated lady of Halloween 2013, and she was also totally fake.

Earlier this Fall a story went viral and was being passed around like crazy it was the story of the ND woman giving out letters to obese kids instead of candy, well after doing a little research, thanks to I found out that story was totally bogus.

A radio show in North Dakota is notorious for coming up with controversial or funny topics and then having a fake story to go along with them, and going viral. This station is the same one that did the story about the women who called in and said that she didn't understand the concept of deer crossing signs (if you missed it, it's fake, but hilarious).  Well they were the master minds behind this story too!

They came up with the story and the letter all by themselves and once it hit the internet it spread like wildfire.

I'm pretty glad that the story was fake, because I hate to think there is actually someone that mean spirited out there who wants to take kids thunder!

So what are your thoughts on all of this?