After an awful season opener ( the Nuggets were 0-3 coming into last nights game), Denver was able to add a much needed win to the column.

There have been quite a few changes to the starting and bench roster, plus a rookie head coach in Brian Shaw, one would suspect a little struggle. But the team with the best home record in the entire NBA last season, to start with 2 home loses, well... no one saw that coming. Hopefully last nights' victory will start a positive ball running forward.

There were plenty of highlights last night, but just as many downfalls. The Nuggets' second team outscored the Hawks' bench 49-17, but the turnovers played a major part in the game being close through most of the second half. Combined with the amount of missed freethrows, it's a shock they managed to win at all. Another plus however has been the 3-ball. Denver shot 56% from the 3-point line, with Ty Lawson, Nate Robinson, Randy Foye and even the willy veteran, Andre Miller all adding to that percentage.

Last nights' victory also marked Brian Shaw's first victory as head coach. Tonight the Nuggets look to gain a road win against the Phoenix Suns at 7pm. LET'S GO NUGGETS!!!