Whoa! Known heartbreaker Harry Styles of One Direction may have broken a lot more hearts than ever before following a recent concert in Houston, Texas. Harry was supposedly caught on video smooching someone very lucky — and someone very unexpected. Who was it?

Rumors say that Styles planted one on none other than his bandmate, Niall Horan! But before rumors run rampant, we gotta say that we’re not buying it. We watched the video ourselves — you can check it out below — and it looks like Hazza’s just whispering to his lone Irish bandmate. If something were really up with these two (which, again, we highly doubt), they wouldn’t be dumb enough to make it known in front of thousands of people with FlipCams — and especially not in Texas. Come on now.

Styles has been linked to tons of girls and cougars since the band got famous, and we all know Niall is crushin‘ on newly minted ‘X Factor‘ judge Demi Lovato. There’s very little to see here, folks!

Although, if Styles did want to embarrass Horan a bit, we wouldn’t blame him. Harry’s bandmates frequently tease him onstage, whether they’re ripping off his shirt or pinching his butt, so some retaliation is almost inevitable!

Watch Harry Styles “Kiss” Niall Horan Onstage