This could make for a fun afternoon or weekend!

I ran across this post from several years ago about a woman visiting all Seven Wonders of Casper, Wyoming. Being new around here, of course, I was fascinated by this concept. Not every state has seven wonders to see. So I thought to myself, I've never seen them, but I wonder how many people in Casper have.

Not to put any pressure on you. I lived in New York City for six months, but never took a ferry to the Statue of Liberty, skated at Rockefeller Center or went to the top of the Empire State Building. I get it, when you're a local, you don't always do "touristy" things.

But I still have to ask.

According to, no one really knows who came up with this list of things that you have to do when in Casper. They are as follows:

- Lookout Point on Casper Mountain

- Gravity Hill

- Egg Beater

- Echo Chamber

- The Clock that No One Sees

- Magic Mirror

- Spiral Staircase

So here I pose the question... Have you visited the Seven Wonders of Casper?

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