Men's Health magazine has given you the healthy reasons to drink a brew. Luckily we produce a lot of good beer here.

  • Beer can help reduce your risk of heart disease. ( More then a 100 studies conducted on this)
  • Beer can lower your risk of Type 2 Diabetes. (30 percent reduction on  risk of type 2 diabetes when 6 to 48 grams per day was consumed)
  • Beer can increase your bone density. ( I guess the silicon in the hopps makes bone and connective tissue health)
  • Beer can prevent dementia. ( I guess it helps keep your mind on )
  • Beer can reduce your cholesterol.  ( It increases the Healthy cholesterol )
  • Beer can prevent kidney stones. ( reduces it by %40)
  • Beer may help to fight cancer. ( I guess it can block excessive testosterone which prevents prostate cancer)

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