On Wednesday, Candice, Kason, and Brekken Stevens - along with their grandmother - lost everything they own in a house fire in PV. (read the story here)

While they are all doing fine, their pets suffered some smoke inhalation, among other injuries. Candice, always one to help out anybody who needs it, has remained upbeat throughout the ordeal. From her Facebook page:

Please count your blessings, as I am trying extremely hard right now to count mine. I came home tonight to find my house engulfed in flames. My children, my grandmother and I are safe, but my animals suffered tremendously. They are being cared for by the best vet in town right now and i just ask that everyone send us some positive vibes that they make it, especially my cat chef. Our loss is well over $100,000 excluding contents. Everything I have or had is now gone. There are things that can never be replaced. But they are JUST THINGS. I have parents who have put a warm roof over my head tonight, and I have my kids, that are safe. If my animals make it, then that truly is all that matters to me. Please just send me some positive juju right now. It's been an extremely traumatic night for us.

— feeling heartbroken.
Candice, her kids, and nana are all currently staying with family right now, but they need your help. We'll be broadcasting live today at the west side Wal-Mart from 3p-7p, with the hopes of giving this family everything need to get through the holidays, and beyond. We'll be asking for cash, giftcards, and other items, all with the hopes that this tragedy will quickly become bad memory...with a good ending. 100% of everything raised will go directly to the family. No middle man, no one taking their cut - just Casperites helping out some of our own.
If you can't make it by today, here are different ways you can help -

- For more funding, please follow the link to donate: http://www.gofundme.com/h87dqs

- For tangible donations such as clothes, bedding, ect, John Kirlin has made it possible for all things to be dropped off at the Casper YMCA: 315 E. 15th St.

Clothes Sizes are: The boys: Size 8 and 10 clothes, size 4 kids shoes.

Candice: size 9-11 womans and shoes size 6-7 womans.

Nana is super tiny, like size 2 or 4 womans.

We'll post the results of our radio-a-thon later tonight, but please - share this post and spread the word!