A journalist by the name of Renee DiResta attempted to see what Google autocorrect thought about each all of our 50 states, including Wyoming.

She typed in the word, quote, "Why is (state name) so . . ." and kept a tally of what Google recommended to complete the sentence.  Here are some of the highlights:

--Why is Florida so WEIRD:  Humid, trashy, and hot were the next three suggestions

--Why is California so LIBERAL:  Broke, anti-gun, and expensive were next.

--Why is Illinois so CORRUPT:  The next three were flat, broke, and humid.

--Why is New Jersey so BAD:  That was followed by hated, expensive, and corrupt.

--Why is Alabama so RACIST:  Next came good, good at football, and obese.

--Why is West Virginia so POOR:  Racist, fat, and weird were next.

--Pennsylvania and Connecticut were HAUNTED . . . Texas was AWESOME . . . and eight states in the Midwest were BORING.

But what about Wyoming?

Our personal favorite.."Why is Wyoming a State."