If you've seen a large white "UFO" over Wyoming recently, I think I know what you saw. Not only is it really not a UFO, but it might be the future of your internet.

Before I reveal exactly what this is, watch for yourself. It's understandable why many might think this is full of little green aliens preparing to invade us.

This is a balloon from Project Loon. What is Project Loon? You can check out the official website for yourself as it declares...

...we're building a new layer of connectivity technology in the stratosphere to connect regions once thought of as unservable.

Yes, this is Google's strategy for internet access for everyone. The Verge did a deep dive into what Google is trying to do a few years ago.

The claim is pretty bold. Google estimates they can double the standard of living for countries in the world that wouldn't otherwise have internet connectivity. That's pretty impressive IF they can pull it off. I say "IF" because I can't help but wonder out loud what our Wyoming wind will do with balloons. I have no doubt the smart people at Google have factored this into Project Loon, but I'd hate to have my internet being blown to kingdom come by our daily enthusiastic Wyoming gusts.

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