At one time or another we've all messed up in the kitchen. Maybe you burnt dinner or overcooked a steak, but since we're all just human, it happens. As a responsible person you should just accept what happened and not shift the blame on anyone.

I have family members that have a hard time boiling water, making toast or even just following simple baking instructions. Over the Thanksgiving holiday there was one particular kitchen blunder that made one woman 'internet famous' and not in a good way.

The woman's name is Sharon and Sharon was baking a FROZEN premade Marie Callenders pumpkin pie and burnt the crap out of the pie. Sharon's first line of defense was to blame Marie Callenders.

The internet went wild on poor Sharon and she became the focus of many meme's, jokes and videos.

I myself have had a kitchen blunder with boiled eggs. A Sunday afternoon a few years ago I was watching Duck Dynasty and boiling eggs at the same time. I got lost in the episode and after a bit I started smelling a horrible smell and hearing a loud popping and crackling noise. MY EGGS...The water was gone and they were about to explode and catch fire. Not a great moment, but a definite learning experience. There wasn't anyone to blame but myself.

When asked, our listeners tattled on themselves about their not so great kitchen moment.


So the moral to the story for today is...

Don't be a Sharon, take the blame and move on.

If you'd like to come clean and confess your kitchen blunder, send us a message in our app.

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