This is why you carry bear spray and you hope it works. Hikers in Glacier National Park witnessed nature in action as they saw a grizzly decide to hunt mountain goats instead of them.

Peter Donahue shared this harrowing video in Glacier on TikTok.

I believe this is the aftermath of a video we shared with you a few days ago of a grizzly bear that came sprinting down a trail narrowly missing the hikers. In case you missed it, here's that video.

According to the video description, Peter Donahue was one of the hikers who noticed several other hikers sprinting down a trail running from something. That something was the grizzly. They had bear spray out, but realized that the grizzly was not actually attacking them, but chose to veer off after a couple of mountain goats. The video doesn't show the gory results, but the word is that one of the goats was badly injured. Like I said, nature being acted out in front of our eyes.

As much as I'd like to say to the hikers "never run from a bear", I probably would have done the same if I saw one charging at me at full speed. Fortunately, no hikers were injured. The same cannot be said for the mountain goats.

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