If you are a member of Generation X (born between 1965 and 1980), more than likely, your childhood was awesome. I'm willing to bet you also have the scars to prove it.

First and foremost, we are a different breed. We rode in the bed of pickup trucks, let the house in the summer when the sun came up and didn't come home until right before the street lights came on, rode bicycles with little to no safety gear at all, drank out of water hoses and had no cellphones, smartphones or internet. Most importantly, we turned out fine.

That being said, I came across a very funny meme, which did remind of a quite a few childhood, near death experiences, that all took place on the playground. To add a more specific location personally, North Casper Park and the playground at the former North Casper Elementary School.

The meme read:

You're laying on the playground crying

  1. You got "throwed" off the wheel of death
  2. You got an uppercut from a 2x4
  3. You got "Plinkoed" off through this thing
  4. You got fried by a slide at high noon
  5. You ran behind "Hannah high swing"
  6. You COULD NOT skip three

*See the meme below*

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I about died of laughter, because I remember, quite clearly, being a victim of all six, and on multiple occasions. Apparently, it took a couple of times for me to learn my lesson.

No matter, I wouldn't change a thing about my childhood adventures. That's why so many of us Gen X-ers are strong... Wyo-strong to be exact.

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