Following the news that the Casper Police Department executed a search warrant on the New Day Spa in Casper for alleged prostitution and human trafficking, K2 Radio News has uncovered a public Facebook page that seems to confirm the allegations.

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A brief Google search of 'New Day Spa' yielded search results that would certainly seem to suggest that there is a correlation between the spa and alleged instances of human trafficking and prostitution.

Casper Police descended on the New Day Spa in Casper on Thursday, executing a search warrant for a case allegedly involving prostitution and human trafficking.

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The Facebook page shows a collection of young, Asian women in various states of undress. Most of the photos were uploaded in 2020. There is a phone number included on the page, with the comment 'Call me honey.' The phone number on the Facebook page matches that of the business number, as it appears on Google and on the spa's billboard. The page has 218 friends, most of whom are men.

K2 Radio News will not link to the page, but we will post a screengrab of the page as it appears. It has blurred out the faces and any NSFW images of the suspected victims.

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Sgt. Joshua Albrecht with the Casper Police Department told K2 Radio News Thursday night that the CPD has made one arrest so far, but that the investigation is still ongoing. He also stated that officers were able to rescue one of the victims.

K2 Radio News reached out to the lead officer in this case regarding this Facebook page and whether it had anything to do with tipping officers off in regards to the investigation.

We will update this developing story as more information becomes available.

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