The fourth annual Casper Police Week Block Party was a huge success with more locals on hand for the festivities than ever before.

The Block Party took place at different location for 2024. For the prior three years of the event, it took place on the street in front of the Hall of Justice, but with the current construction, for safety, the event was held at David Street Station.

Casper Police Department Public Information Officer, Amber Freestone, stated that an hour into the Block Party, there was already three times the amount of people that were at the previous year's event. As a mater of fact, there were residents already on hand a good hour before the event officially started.

Casper law enforcement was on hand making hamburgers and hot dogs, as well as interacting with residents throughout the day. Some of the officers actually jumped on the dance floor (the green area in front of the stage), to show their awesome dance moves with the kids and other residents enjoying the tunes.

Considering it had been raining all day on the day of the event (Wednesday, May 15th, 2024), and actually, the entire week, it was fortuitous to have had a sunny, seventy degree afternoon to enjoy the Block Party.

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Check out these photos from the awesome, fun-filled event.

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Gallery Credit: Amber Freestone - Casper Police Department

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