Talk about fun! Who knew Hillary Clinton was able to get down and shake her groove thing like the rest of us? Because that’s just what she was caught on video doing while at an event in South Africa. Truly this is a side of the Secretary of State that few before have ever witnessed.

Our guess is even Bill has only heard tell of Hillary’s fun side, thinking it can’t be true. But it is, sir! Sure, she’s done a couple of strange things here and there, but this latest display of funk-itude is fantastic!Watch the video below and see Hillary in action for yourself.

Think the hubby is jealous? Yeah, probably not, Bill has quite a bit of soul himself. But still, it’s funny watching Mrs. Nearly President grinding up on some South African women… and enjoying it!

And since we know you cannot stop watching the video, here’s a few still shots along with an ever-so-hot (?) GIF of the Secretary of Stately Grinds!

Get on with your bad self, Hillary!