Hollie Cavanagh did the impossible and ended up in the Top 4 on ‘American Idol‘ and guess what? She is not about to let go. She had a chance last year and didn’t get through. Now she’s got a chance to take it all the way. Will her Journey end with Journey? Can she make us love her with Bonnie Raitt?

Cavanagh’s first round (the “California dreamin’” pick) was ‘Faithfully’ by Journey. The song was perfect for her vocal range and Journey is an eternal crowd pleaser. In the second round, she went with another song that fit her range, Bonnie Raitt’s ‘I Can’t Make You Love Me,’ but it didn’t give her enough of an opportunity to show her stuff.

The judges were thrilled with her cover of Journey. Jennifer Lopez was thrilled to tears. Randy Jackson reiterated to Cavanagh again that she is peaking at the right time in the competition. He said, “I’m just so amazed. You’ve been slaying us every week.”

Lopez told Cavanagh that she has always believed. She admitted that she got emotional just seeing how far Hollie had come. She said: “You had such a confidence about you. I’ve been waiting to see that from you.” Steven Tyler agreed with Lopez saying, “I’ve watched you blossom. Your creativity has come around. And your choice of song was over the top again.”

The second round reaction from the judges was not as good. Tyler didn’t see Cavanagh’s dynamic range or feel that she has had enough heartbreak to sing the kind of song she picked. Lopez agreed and felt that Cavanagh digging for the emotion actually made her sacrifice her vocals and it didn’t work for her. Jackson felt like she “chose the wrong song at the wrong time.” He’s told Cavanagh before that she needs moments and this song just didn’t give her any. It felt like a let down for Cavanagh.

But, despite the Bonnie Raitt pick not wowing the judges, Jackson did make a good point in the beginning of the show: “Hollie wants to take this thing, yo.” She’s not done yet. Maybe she can make us love her.

Watch Hollie Cavanagh Perform ‘Faithfully’

Watch Hollie Cavanagh Perform ‘I Can’t Make You Love Me’

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