Katy Perry is the most notable name and face in the new, all-girl Adidas commercial. Granted, the shots of the ‘Part of Me’ singer are of the “blink and you’ll miss her” variety, but she still looks stylish and cute in her pink satin Adidas hoodie and other assorted poses.

Lots of ladies engage in activities, like dancing, jumping and playing sports. A song by pint-sized rap dynamo Rye Rye blasts in the background.

Ballerinas, soccer players, pop stars. What do they have in common? They’re all in. They work hard and play hard, and they want to look good while doing it. The ladies send the message (to girls the world over) that it’s okay to work up a sweat. It’s better if you do it while stylin’.

The action in the video moves really fast, so much so that you might need a Dramamine, since it can make you dizzy. But other than that, it’s all gals, all estrogen.

This is the new girl power!

If you pay super close attention or rewind it a few times, you’ll see Perry looking all hard like a female boxer (see image above) and flashing that warm and inviting smile that we’ve come to know and love.

Watch Katy Perry in New Adidas Commercial