So much for the boob cake (cake cake cake). Adele has denied that Rihanna sent her a D-cup dessert for her big 2-4.

Reports surfaced earlier that RiRi sent the British chanteuse a breast-shaped birthday cake on May 5 (also Chris Brown‘s birthday), but the ‘Rumor Has It’ singer has put those rumors to rest. The imaginary cake was allegedly coated with pink icing and featured some gems serving as pasties, and Rihanna supposedly had it sent to Adele’s North London home. MTV notes that the cake was said to be delivered with a card reading, ” Happy Birthday to my lover, Adele, the baddest b—- around. Have the best freaking Bday. Cake cake cake xxx.”

As delish as that sounds, it’s apparently too good to be true. While Rihanna did indeed wish the ’21′ songstress a happy birthday on Twitter, there was no cake to be had — but Rihanna does adore Adele.

In March, RiRi sang Adele’s praises after the BRIT Awards, telling press, “The last album ’21′ just spoke to me so much — to the point where I had to stop listening to it ’cause it was depressing me so much. You become so attached to the stories, it’s really something you identify with,” she said. “Really I came to the Brits to stalk Adele. It was nothing about the awards or the performance, for me it was just to see Adele again. She doesn’t know the depth of my affection, just the surface. She has no idea.”

Adele took to Twitter to shoot the cake rumors down, but revealed that she did get a nice gift — but it was neither from Rihanna, nor was it a diamond. Check out her tweet below!